About the Retreat...

About the Retreat...
A few seats remain for 2018. Contact Us via this blog (see Contact Us on right navigation) to find out more!
Our 2018 scrapbook retreat is October 19 - 21, 2018 at Ft. Worden -- just outside of Port Townsend, WA.
Registration fee: $200.
24-hour crop room access with individual 6 foot table and chair, welcome gift, door prizes, raffles, games/activities, card swaps, and hospitality extras.
Meals include: Friday dinner, Saturday meals (3), and Sunday breakfast. We also provide hot water/cups with choices of tea and hot cocoa.
Dorm style accommodations (double or single) with shared restrooms and showers. Linens and towels provided. This is Fort Worden -- so it is rustic!
Arrive as early as 9:00 am on October 19 and stay as late as 12midnight on October 21!
Use Contact Us! feature for more information!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Card Swap - Sign up NOW!

The retreat is only a few weeks away and we are pleased to announce the opportunity to join in the card swap! Please look at the guidelines below and email Shelley if you are interested in participating. The card swap is open to 20 people.

Happy Crafting! -- Shelley and Jane

Type of Card
Any Occasion Card
RSVP for card swap
Shelley Wangen: wangen2@gmail.com
Number of people in swap
20 Maximum (Create cards equal to the number of participants. You will be notified of the final count a week before the retreat or as soon as we hit 20 participants.)
Due Date
Saturday, October 20 | 5:00 pm
Place cards in a Ziploc bag with your first and last name on the bag and deliver to Jane Thiemens (located in UpNorth). Cards will be sorted and returned to you!
1. Make 20 of the same cards and receive 20 different cards in return.
2. Each card must include an envelope.
2. The cards should be handmade, not from a kit.
3. Paper layering is required.
4. Please be mindful of clean stamping, cutting, gluing, no smudges etc.
5. Consider adding an embellishment (buttons, ribbon, brads, sparkles, bling, etc.) and/or a technique (embossing, pop dots, sanding, etc.)

Sign up for Ribbon Exchange by October 15!

The countdown to our retreat is on -- just a little over a month!

We know all of you are shopping and preparing for the retreat. Each year we hold a Ribbon Exchange – who is in??

The details:
Each participant needs to bring 1 yard (3 feet) of pre-cut ribbon for each participant in their group (this includes you!). Each group will be made up of 12 participants. That is 12 pieces of 1 yard (3 feet) ribbon. All the same kind.  36 feet of ribbon -- total!

Please bring your pre-cut ribbon to Esther, who will be located in UpSouth, by the morning of Saturday, October 20.  Esther and Jen will sort and deliver a bag of different ribbons to you later in the day, Saturday afternoon.  This is exactly like the card exchange.... just with ribbon.

Interested? Please email Esther (esthergf85@gmail.com) by October 15 if you would like to participate. Esther will email participants to confirm count, share details, etc.

Hope you will join us!  

Monday, August 20, 2018

Our Theme for This Year's Retreat is...

Hello, everyone.

Our Hospitality Committee has selected "Sip n Scrap" for the retreat's theme this year!  Think old-fashioned soda, margaritas, best friends, and your favorite PJs!

We know there will be a Pajama Party Saturday night -- beginning at dinner.

The details are being worked out -- so more to come soon.

Until then -- feel free to sip on your favorite beverage and search for an awesome pair of pajama bottoms!

-Sheryl, Yvonne and the Hospitality Committee.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Food for Thought

Hello, everyone!

Where did summer go??  As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer and begin to think about Fall at Fort Worden -- we have food for thought.

ROOMS: We have noticed many people requested a different dorm room due to location, noise, heating, bedding, etc. We will be the first to admit the dorm at Fort Worden should be the next project on their upgrade list. Fort Worden is rustic and it allows us to provide our retreat experience at a lower cost than many other retreats. We share all of your concerns with Fort Worden, in hopes changes will be made.

However, the dorm is our only option and we only have so many beds -- making it very difficult to accommodate every request. We of course make accommodations for mobility concerns (first floor vs. second floor stairs). However, we may not be able to meet expectations in regards to preferred room. We always recommend bringing extra blankets, earplugs, and pillows to make your stay better. Thankfully, we spend most of our time crafting and not in our dorm room!

DINING SERVICES: We normally eat our meals at The Commons. However, there is a large fundraising gala the weekend of our retreat and The Commons will be used the entire weekend. Therefore, our meals will be served in the JFK Hall, building 246, http://www.fwfriends.org/pdfs/campusmap2018.pdf. The building is just North of the dorm. Many events are held in this building, that include meals -- so we are not concerned. With all of that sitting over the weekend -- we need our extra steps!

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Thanks so much for selecting a volunteer duty! This retreat happens because of volunteers -- to include the coordination and implementation! Roberta Miner will coordinate the volunteer duties and send out information mid-September. If you haven't already signed up for a duty -- one will be assigned to you. Want to know more about the volunteer duties -- you can always check out the various duties here.

BLOG SUBSCRIPTION: Make sure you are subscribed to the blog with an email address you actually use! All updates and information will be sent via the blog.

IF you receive an email from the subscription service, please accept! That way you will receive any and all updates about the retreat. You can always double check your subscription by entering in your email address at the blog site -- it will tell you if you are subscribed or not. 

PLAN AHEAD!! - The retreat dates for 2019 are October 25 - 27, 2019.

More information to follow as we get closer to October. Yvonne and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Best, Sheryl and Yvonne

Monday, July 30, 2018

Payment Due By August 10 for 2018! A few seats remain...

Hello, everyone!

Those registered for the 2018 Retreat should have received a reminder email for payment. Any outstanding balances need to be received by August 10, 2018.

We have 10 seats available -- so if you know someone who is interested in joining us at the retreat -- send them the link to our blog for more information and registration form!

More information coming after August 15!

Enjoy Summer! --Sheryl and Yvonne